Hail won’t happen here in Dallas!

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U.S. weather conditions are evolving rapidly, and The Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore reports from areas previously thought impossible for whatever storm brews. If you are working and operating in a historically non-hailstorm zone,’ hailstorms would never occur here,’ think again.

Our business is designed for the long term, so it is wise to expect the likelihood of hail in your region. A decent single ply roof can last for decades, and what mother nature has in store during that time span is difficult to foresee.

Typically, hailstorms hover across the West and South Central states, but now they also strike the Midwest, East and Southeast, contributing to annual damage of millions of dollars. If you look closely at FM Global insurance’s hail damage chart (FM Loss Reduction Data Sheet 1-34; FM 1-34), and hail storm details from NOAA, incidents of extreme hail storms are already wide scattered throughout the United States. Today, 1 inch or larger hailstones are encountered by around two-thirds of the U.S., and hail can affect or penetrate the roof cover and insulation.

Protecting your Dallas Roof from People

When hail hits, what makes the roofing assembly more susceptible? We can be our own worst enemies, and daily foot traffic, not to mention seasonless, can be as devastating as hail.

A team of average-sized employees (175 lbs./person) walking on the rooftop doing repairs or general maintenance with towing equipment, not always pursuing the specified routes, presents an even greater chance of injury.

Use A Coverboard to improve the performance of your Roof

A coverboard of consistency will:

Cover the roof membrane and extend its life. Coverboards not only help reinforce the membrane when hail hits, but also provide a firm and smooth surface to help resist normal foot traffic damage.

Cover the insulation and conserve it. Coverboards can allow the insulation underneath to survive weather factors (such as hail) as well as to discourage items such as foot traffic and equipment from crushing it.

Strengthening the roof and mitigating future harm

Coverboards will also provide you with peace of mind and your investment with extra safety. In order to prolong the existence of every roof, it is a vital component which avoids or minimizes possible harm from both hail which staff.

Keep tuned for a future blog about more persuasive facts and other arguments for a coverboard to secure your roof. Keep well in the meantime and please don’t hesitate to email me for further coverboard information or to chat about roofing.

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