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Introduction to Hot-Air Welding

Among the many important elements of a successful thermoplastic single-ply roof installation, well executed hot-air welding of field seams, head laps, and flashing detail is

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Roofing 101: Single-Ply

In North America, single-ply roofing dates back to the early 1960s, when the first EPDM rubber roofs were constructed. Because of its extended service life,

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Bituminous Roofing 101

Bituminous Roofing in Northern Virginia Bituminous roofing materials have stood the test of time and carry an established track record to low-slope roofing. Bituminous roofing

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What is Hot Air Welding?

For the overall long-term efficiency of the device, properly performed hot-air welding of field seams, head laps, and flashing information remains crucial among the several

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Commercial Roofing

Top Reasons to Use Coverboard

You’ll remember my “Top 10” theme if you’ve tuned into late night TV (and been around the block a few times),. There is no clear

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